Erhart Café

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to order a cake but how big should it be?

Generally speaking, for 1 cake portion we calculate ca. 150 grams. Therefore, a small cake of 1 kg gives ca. 7 portions. If a smaller portion of 100 g suffices a small cake provides up to 10 portions.

How big are the childrens cakes and how expensive they are?

Normally, they weight ca. 2 kg while the price is 550–750CZK/kg – depending on the design/difficulty.

What do the cakes contain?

For childrens, special and wedding cakes the composition is following:

The cake is always composed from several sponge cake layers which we bake ourselves; we offer 2 kinds – vanilla and chocolate. In between the layers we fill custard /a light natural (butter) cream and other substance of our customers’ choice. This can be chocolate, yogurt, vanilla, different kinds of fruit marmalades, pistachio nuts, coffee, etc. Some cakes also contain full pieces of fruits as various berries, bananas, etc.

Can I pay by a card?

This is unfortunately not possible but there are cash machines available next door (Komercni Banka and CSOB).

Is it possible to park at your place?

Normally yes. There is a possibility of a paid parking in the whole street (10,- CZK/15 mins).

Is it necessary to come by personally and pay a deposit?

For standard childrens’ cakes it is not necessary to pay a deposit. In case of wedding cakes we ask for a deposit. You can either pay personally in cash or you can make a bank transfer to our Raiffeisenbank account. The account number is 1031063615/5500.

How big is a three tier wedding cake?

A round cake usually weights at least 6-7 kg (40-45 portions).A square cake ca 9-10 kg (60-70 portions).

Do I have a choice to order smaller or bigger versions of a wedding cake?

Yes, almost any of our wedding cakes can be custom-made in terms of requested tiers. However, is must be taken into account that for big cakes (e.g. 4 or more tiers) it is necessary to use a cake lifter.

How long will my cake last?

Naturally, this depends on the storage temperature. It will last 4 days in a fridge. However, official hygienic norms outline that the cake should be consumed within 48 hours.

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